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Y1-03-0242 Rev. B 12
Category I and II Beacons-Manual Activation Without Deployment
The beacon can be manually activated while still in its bracket by placing the
Activation Switch in the ON position. Activation by this method overrides all
sensors and turns the beacon “ON.”
Category I and II Beacons-Manual deployment and activation
Both Category I and II beacons can be manually deployed by removing the
beacon from the bracket.
Once removed, the beacon can be activated by placing it in water OR by
lifting the Activation Switch to a vertical position, sliding it toward the antenna
and pushing down to the opposite side of the beacon. Activating the beacon
in this manner breaks off the Activation Witness Tab and allows the switch to
properly seat, showing the “ ▌ “ symbol (ON).
A Category I or II beacon MANUALLY activates with the following sequence:
1.) Remove the beacon from its bracket
2.) Activation method one: Place beacon in water
3.) Activation method two:
// Lift the switch to a vertical position
// Slide the switch toward the antenna
// Push the switch down to the opposite side of the beacon (see
illustration above)
NOTE: Category I and Category II beacons can be activated regardless of
whether they are removed from the bracket
Witness tab will break once
placed in the “ON” position
Push the main switch up
90 degrees, slide toward
antenna and all the way
down to activate.