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Y1-03-0242 Rev. B 14
Precautions to prevent false alarms
Do not mount or transport the beacon within 4.6ft/1.4m of a magnetic
Do not store the beacon outside of its bracket.
Do not mount the EPIRB backwards in its bracket (lanyard roll must
face in).
Do not clean the beacon with a water hose and brush while out of its
Should there be, for any reason, an inadvertent activation or false alarm, it
be reported to the nearest search and rescue authorities. The
information that should be reported includes:
The EPIRB 15-digit Unique Identifier Number (UIN)
Time and date
Duration and cause of activation
Location of beacon at the time of activation
To report false alarms in the United States,
contact any of the following:
US Region
Telephone Number
Atlantic Ocean / Gulf of Mexico
USCG Atlantic Area Command Center
(757) 398-6390
Pacific Ocean Area /
USCG Area Command Center
(510) 437-3700
USCG HQ Command Center
(800) 323-7233
To report false alarms outside of the USA
, contact the national authority
where your beacon is registered.