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Y1-03-0242 Rev. B 15
1. Marking battery and Hydrostatic Release Unit expiration dates
: It is the beacon owner’s responsibility to record the expiration dates
for both the beacon battery and the HydroFix™ hydrostatic release unit. This
information must appear on the product itself.
The left side of the battery housing indicates the battery expiry date. Space is
provided for the beacon owner to mark the date the beacon was placed into
service. The beacon should be serviced 5 years from the installation date but
no later than the battery expiry date.
The ACR HydroFix™ HRU has an expiration date of 2 years
from the date
of installation
or 4 years
from the date manufactured
, whichever comes
first. Upon installing your beacon or new HRU,
permanently scratch the
new expiration date on the HRU date calendar
as seen below.
2. Mounting location
The selection of a mounting location will vary from vessel to vessel. Beacons
should be protected from outside influences while being readily accessible at
all times in the event of an emergency.
The location selected must be sufficiently rigid to support the weight of the
total installation.
Hazards to avoid when selecting a mounting location:
// Vibration
// Exposure to the elements
// Possibility of impact from hatches, gear, or personnel
// Harmful vapors
// Exhaust
// Harsh chemicals
// Locations that can be obscured by foreign articles on a temporary or
permanent basis.
Date of Installation Example:
Date of installation of New HRU or First
Installation of EPIRB including new
HRU: August 1, 2009.
This unit will need to be replaced in
August of 2011. Scratch off “AUG 8”
and “2011” on the HRU date calendar
Date of Manufacture Example:
On the bottom of the HRU a date of
manufacture is pin stamped: 0808.
This unit will need to be replaced in
August 2012. Scratch off “AUG 8” and
“2012” on the HRU date calendar