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Y1-03-0242 Rev. B 20
Always refer battery replacement and any other beacon service to a factory
authorized Service Center. Find a Center near you at
http://www.acrelectronics.com/brc.htm. Battery replacement includes
servicing the beacon by replacing all o-rings, testing the water seal and the
electrical properties and doing a full functional test on the unit.
There are no user serviceable items inside the beacon. Do not open
the beacon except to disable (in case of faulty or accidental activation).
Otherwise, always have the beacon serviced.
WARNING: Battery contains lithium
To avoid possible fire, explosion, leakage or burn hazard, do not open,
recharge, disassemble or heat beacon above +70ºC (+158ºF) or incinerate.
These products contain lithium in the battery. Various beacons may or may
not require special shipping instructions due to the lithium batteries and
changes in shipping regulations. Shipping of hazardous materials requires
special handling and documentation. MSDS sheets, along with
shipping information, can be found on our website at
In the case of the RLB-37, the product contains small batteries that are non-
hazardous. However, regulations can change. Be advised that it is best to
verify the shipping requirements at the time you are preparing to ship the unit.
4. Shore based maintenance for SOLAS vessels, (SBM) IMO
MSC/Circ. 1039
The Maritime Safety Committee has approved guidelines for shore-based
maintenance of satellite beacons, for the purpose of establishing
standardized procedures and minimum levels of service for the testing and
maintenance of satellite beacons. The first shore based maintenance on all
ACR EPIRBs is due at the date of the first battery replacement. Visit ACR’s
website at www.acrelectronics.com for organizations that perform shore
based maintenance.
5. Annual testing for SOLAS vessels, IMO MSC/Circ. 1040
SOLAS regulation IV/15.9 dictates annual testing of 406 MHz satellite
EPIRBs. Testing should be carried out using suitable test equipment capable
of performing the relevant measurements. All checks of electrical parameters
should be performed in the self-test mode, if possible. These tests can be
performed by certified ACR Battery Replacement Centers (BRCs). Visit
ACR’s website at www.acrelectronics.com for authorized ACR BRCs.