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Y1-03-0242 Rev. B 21
6. Changing ownership or contact information
As the owner of the beacon, it is your responsibility to advise the national
authority of any change in the information on the registration form. If you are
transferring the beacon to a new owner, you are required to inform the
national authority. You can do this by using their online database or by letter,
fax or telephone and informing the authority of the name and address of the
new owner.
The new owner of the beacon is required to provide the national authority
with all of the information requested on the registration form. This obligation
transfers to all subsequent owners. Registration forms for the United States
are available from NOAA by calling (888) 212-7283 (212-SAVE) or by visiting
the ACR website at www.acrelectronics.com. Outside of the United States,
the new owner may contact his local authority for the necessary form(s).
7. Lost or stolen EPIRBs
If your EPIRB is lost or stolen, do the following immediately:
// Report to your local authorities that the EPIRB has been lost or stolen
// Contact NOAA at (888) 212-7283 (212-SAVE), or your national
authority, with the following information:
o Police department name
o Police department phone number
o Police case number
If your EPIRB were to be activated, the information you provided will be
forwarded to the appropriate search and rescue authorities who will ensure
that your EPIRB gets back to you. If someone attempts to register an EPIRB
reported as stolen, NOAA or your national authority will notify the appropriate
police department. Visit www.cospas-sarsat.org for more detailed
8. Servicing the SeaShelter
™ and the HydroFix™ HRU
The SeaShelter
Category I bracket has two main
pieces, the lid and the base. To open the bracket, turn the
spring loaded knob counterclockwise 1/4 of a turn and
pull. The lid will lift away from the top of the base and
disengage from the detent at the bottom of the base. The
lid is tethered to the base to help prevent loss.
Brackets are a key part of the overall beacon system.
They hold a beacon ready for deployment while preventing
false alarms. Category I brackets also require replacement
of the Hydrostatic Release Unit every two years.
Whenever a beacon is returned for service, it
must be accompanied by the bracket.