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Y1-03-0242 Rev. B 22
To remove the expired HRU
When opening the SeaShelter
™ lid, note that the beacon is installed with the
lanyard face in. Pull the beacon with steady pressure from the bracket. Do
not get beacon wet while out of bracket. The HRU has a keying feature that
locks it to the bracket. If you view the HRU rod as the center of a clock, a
properly installed HRU will rest at the 7 o’clock position, as shown in the
picture above.
The HRU holds down an ejection spring. The spring must be
held in place during the removal and installation of the HydroFix™ to prevent
Depress the top of the ejection spring. This will relieve pressure on the HRU
and allow it to be rotated counter clockwise to the 5 o’clock position. The
HRU is now free to be removed. Slowly relieve pressure from the ejection
spring and allow it to deploy.
Discard the expired HRU. Failure to replace the entire
assembly may cause the bracket to malfunction.
Be sure to use only ACR’s HydroFix™ HRU (ACR P/N 9490)
in the SeaShelter
™. Use of unauthorized replacement parts will void your
warranty and may cause the bracket to malfunction.
Check the date of manufacture on the new HRU. Follow the instructions that
accompany the HydroFix™ for marking the next expiry date and for selecting
the correct rod adapter for the SeaShelter
To install the new HRU
Apply pressure to the ejection spring and hold it flat against the bracket. With
your free hand place the new HRU into the key way in the 5 o’clock position
and rotate clockwise to the 7 o’clock position. Slowly remove pressure from
the ejection spring. The HRU should now be held in the 7 o’clock position
with the pressure on the ejection spring.
Reinstall the beacon with lanyard face in. Beacon should fit snugly in the
bracket with the antenna captured by the bracket. Reinstall the lid by seating
the bottom of the lid to the detent on the base. Close the upper portion of the
lid so the HRU rod lines up with the spring loaded knob. With gentle pressure,
hold the lid while you turn the lock counterclockwise until it stops, then
clockwise until it stops. This should capture the HRU and snap the lid into a
locked position. Confirm that the lid is attached to the bottom of the bracket
and the HRU.
Do not force the lid closed. If the lid does not close easily,
check to see that the beacon is properly installed in the bracket and the
HydroFix™ is properly seated.