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Y1-03-0242 Rev. B 30
The Maritime Safety Committee approved guidelines for shore-based maintenance (SBM) of satellite
EPIRBs, for the purpose of establishing standardized procedures and minimum levels of service for the
testing and maintenance of satellite EPIRBs to ensure maximum reliability whilst minimizing the risk of false
distress alerts. (IMO MSC/Circ.1039)
Products: 406 MHz (COSPAS-SARSAT) Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacons
ACR Satellite 406™ RLB-27/28 (Cat. I & Cat. II)
ACR Satellite
406™ RLB-32 (Cat. I & Cat. II)
ACR RapidFix™ RLB-33 (Cat. I & Cat. II)
ACR GlobalFix™ RLB-35 (Cat. I & Cat. II)
ACR GlobalFix™ iPRO RLB-36 (Cat. I & Cat. II)
ACR Float Free 406 Memory Capsule RLB-35MC (Cat. I)
ACR GlobalFix™ PRO RLB-37 (Cat. I & Cat. II)
Maintenance 406 MHz satellite EPIRBs should be inspected and tested annually in accordance with
Service Interval: MSC/Circ.1040. Shore-based maintenance of all satellite EPIRBs should be carried out
at intervals not exceeding 5 years. It is recommended that maintenance be performed
at the time when the battery is to be changed.
All ACR 406 MHz EPIRBs shall have their first shore-based maintenance performed on
the same dates as their battery replacement.
SBM Providers: ACR only authorizes battery replacements and shore based maintenance to be
performed by certified ACR service providers.
Manufacturer: ACR Electronics Inc. European ACR Electronics Inc.
5757 Ravenswood Road Representative: (European Office)
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 1 Rose Cottages, Pitmore Lane,
USA Sway, Lymington, Hampshire
Signed on behalf of ACR Electronics Inc.
Name: Kerry Greer Date: September 23, 2008
Title: Executive Director
Research & Development
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