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Smart-UPS C 1000/1500 VA 120/230 Vac Tower 7
Display interface features
1000/1500 VA
120 Vac
1000/1500 VA
230 Vac Description
On Line: The UPS is supplying conditioned AC power to connected equipment.
Green mode: The UPS is operating at the most efficient level by bypassing unused
AVR components while acceptable AC voltage is present. The UPS will enter and
exit Green mode automatically and will not compromise power protection.
Load Capacity: The load capacity percentage is indicated by the number of load
bar sections illuminated. Each bar represents 20% of the load capacity.
Estimated Run Time / Min: This indicates the battery runtime minutes that remain
if the UPS switches to battery power.
Battery Charge: The battery charge level is indicated by the number of load bar
sections illuminated. When all five blocks are illuminated, the battery is fully
charged. Each bar represents 20% of the battery charge capacity.
Overload: The equipment connected to the UPS is drawing more power than the
voltage rating allows.
Event: The event counter indicates the number of events that occurred to cause the
UPS to switch to battery operation.
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): The UPS has an AVR boost feature that
automatically regulates low levels of input voltage without using battery power. The
230 Vac model has an additional AVR trim feature that regulates high levels of input
voltage. When the 120 Vac AVR icon is illuminated, the UPS is compensating for
low input voltage whereas with the 230 Vac, the following happen:
When illuminated, the UPS is compensating for low input voltage.
When illuminated, the UPS is compensating for high input voltage.
In: Input voltage.
Out: Output voltage.
System Faults: An internal system fault has occurred. The fault number will
illuminate on the display. Refer to Display interface features on page 7.
Mute: An illuminated line through the icon indicates that the audible alarm is
Battery Fault: The icon will flash to indicate that the battery is disconnected.
When the icon remains continuously illuminated the UPS has failed a Self-Test or
the battery is near the end of its service life and should be replaced.
Refer to LCD status indicators on page 6.
On Battery: The UPS is supplying battery backup power to the connected