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Smart-UPS C 1000/1500 VA 120/230 Vac Tower8
System Faults
Feature Reference Guide
1000/1500 120 Vac 1000/1500 230 Vac
Output Overload
Output Short Circuit
Output Over Voltage
Unit Over Temperature
AVR Relay Fault
Inverter Fault
Note: Refer to the "Feature Reference Guide" on page 8 for a detailed description of the front panel buttons and icons.
For more information on System Faults, contact customer support at the APC Web site, www.apc.com/support.
Function Button
Power On 0.2 Off
Press the
POWER ON/OFF button to turn on the UPS. The UPS will operate
on AC power.
If AC power is not available the UPS will operate on battery power.
Power Off 2On
Press the
POWER ON/OFF button to turn off the UPS.
Status Inquiry 0.2 On
Press to verify the status or condition of the UPS. The LCD will illuminate
for 60 seconds.
Power Saving
The LCD will illuminate and the UPS will beep to confirm Continuous
Illumination mode is activated.
The LCD will extinguish and the UPS will beep to confirm that
Power Saving mode is activated. While in Power Saving mode, the LCD
will illuminate if a button is pressed or an event occurs, then extinguish after
60 seconds of no activity.
Event Specific 0.2 On
Disable any audible alarms caused by an event.
Enable/Disable 2On
Enable or disable the audible alarms. The Mute icon will illuminate and the
UPS will beep once. The Mute feature will not activate unless the UPS is
operating on battery power.
Sensitivity 6Off
The Load Capacity icon will flash to indicate the UPS is in Program mode.
Use the
POWER ON/OFF button to scroll through and select Low, Medium,
and High sensitivity levels. The UPS will beep to confirm the selection.
Refer to Sensitivity adjustment settings on page 4 in this manual.
Self-Test 2On
The UPS will automatically run a self-test of the internal battery when the
UPS is turned on.
A manual self-test can be run at any time while the UPS is operating.
Press and hold the
MUTE button, then press the DISPLAY button for 2
seconds until the system emits a short beep to indicate the UPS has started a
Event Reset 0.2 On
When the Event screen is visible, press and hold the
DISPLAY button, then
press the
POWER ON/OFF button to clear the AC failure event counter.
Fault Reset 2Fault
After a fault has been identified, press the
POWER ON/OFF button to remove
the visual indication and return to standby status.
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