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September 2003
The 2004 edition of the Atwood Water Heater Service Manual is a resource created to
help service technicians identify Atwood product by serial number, diagnose service
problems and efficiently and effectively process warranty claims.
In 2003, Atwood relocated the Switch, Thermostat and ECO that was installed on the
back of combination 6 and 10 gallon Gas/Electric Water Heaters. A double switch is
now located inside the RV for convenience and a joint ECO and T-Stat is located on
the gas side of the water heater. This leaves only the relay and heating element on the
backside of the water heater.
Each of the manuals within this series offers a general overview of the product as well
as more specific product information. For each product within the manual, you will
find model identification, recommended tools and equipment, a sequence of
operation, warnings, annual maintenance procedures, parts and troubleshooting
guides, warranty procedures, flat rate schedules, and replacement part reference
Due to the rapidly changing personal computer revolution we have placed
troubleshooting information in a variety of places to make sure that the most accurate
information is available. The best place to find the current information about Atwood
products is our website: www.atwoodmobile.com. At our website brochures may be
downloaded, trouble shooting guides reviewed and the latest information bulletins can
be read. In addition all Atwood Authorized Service Centers are listed on our site,
accessible via an easy-to-use search system.
Service for all Atwood products is handled out of our Rockford location. Should you
have any questions regarding our products or the information contained in this
manual simply dial 1-800-825-4328. Be sure to have the Model and Serial Number when
you call.
Atwood Service Department
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