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panic mode
If you are threatened in or near your vehicle, you can attract
attention by triggering the system with your remote. Just press
for 1.5 seconds, and you will enter Panic Mode. The siren
will sound and the parking lights will flash for the programmed
siren duration. To stop Panic Mode at any time, press
or .
The LCD 2-way remote will beep (or vibrate) continuously when
the system enters panic mode. The 2-way remote will not
generate a page notification when panic mode is exited.
valet mode
You can prevent your security system from automatically arming
and triggering by using Valet Mode. This is very useful when
washing the vehicle or having it serviced. In Valet Mode, the
security system will not arm, even with the remote, but all conve-
nience functions (door locks, trunk release, etc.) will continue to
work normally. You can access Valet Mode either manually or
with the remote.
To enter or exit Valet Mode manually:
1. Turn the ignition on.
2. Turn the ignition off.
3. Press and release the Valet
button within 10 seconds.
The status LED will light solidly if you are entering Valet Mode,
and it will go out if you are exiting Valet Mode.