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table of zones
A zone is represented by the number of LED flashes used by the
system to identify a particular type of input. Standard input
assignments are listed in the following table, along with spaces to
write in any optional sensors or switches that have been installed.
Instant trigger for optional
hood or trunk pin
Instant trigger - a heavier impact
detected by the on-board shock sensor
Door switch trigger
Ignition trigger
code hopping
The receiver and remotes use a mathematical formula called an
algorithm to change their code each time the remote is used.
This technology has been developed to increase the security of
the unit. The control unit knows what the next codes should be.
This helps to keep the remote “in sync” with the control unit
even if you use the remote control out of range of the vehicle.
However, if the remote has been pressed many times out of range
of the vehicle, or the battery has been removed, it may fall out of
sync with the control unit and fail to operate the system. To re-
sync the remote simply press several times within range of