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programming options
Programming options control your system's normal, operational
set-up. Most options do not require additional parts, but some
may require installation labor.
The following is a list of the programmable options, with the
factory settings in Bold.
arming (from remote only) or passive arming (auto-
matic arming 30 seconds after the last door has been closed).
Arming/disarming siren chirps
or off.
The ignition controlled door lock feature
or off: When this
feature is programmed on, the doors will lock three seconds
after the ignition is turned on, and unlock when the ignition
is turned off.
Passive door locking (with passive arming) or
aaccttiivvee ddoooorr
(only when arming with the remote). Passive locking
allows the vehicle's doors to lock when the security system
passively arms (after the 30-second countdown). This
feature only works if passive arming has been programmed.
Siren tones and chirp volume. The output of the Revenger
Soft Chirp
siren consists of six different tones in sequence.
Any of these tones can be eliminated by a dealer, resulting in a
unique, easily identifiable siren sound. The chirps can be either
full volume or
66 ddeecciibbeellss qquuiieetteerr
than the full alarm blast.