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dOse-speCIfIC effeCTs Of alCOhOl
BAC Dose-Specific Effects
0.02-0.03% Slight euphoria. Loss of shyness. Depres-
sant effects are not apparent. Impairment
possible in some individuals.
0.04-0.06% Feeling of well-being, relaxation, lower
inhibitions and sensation of warmth.
Euphoria. Some minor impairment of rea-
soning and memory. Lowering of caution.
Driving skills may be impaired at this level
of intoxication.
0.07-0.09% Slight impairment of balance, speech, vi-
sion, reaction time, and hearing. Euphoria.
Judgment and self-control are reduced.
Caution, reason and memory are im-
paired. Driving skills are always impaired
at this level of intoxication and higher.
0.10-0.12% Significant impairment of motor coordina-
tion and loss of good judgment. Speech
may be slurred. Balance, vision, reac-
tion time and hearing will be impaired.
BAC Dose-Specific Effects
0.13-0.15% Gross motor impairment and lack of
physical control. Blurred vision and major
loss of balance. Euphoria is reduced and
dysphoria (anxiety, restlessness) is begin-
ning to appear.
0.16-0.20% Dysphoria predominates. Nausea may
0.25% Needs assistance in walking. Total mental
confusion. Dysphoria with nausea and
some vomiting.
0.30% Loss of consciousness.
0.40% and up Onset of coma. Possible death due to
respiratory arrest**.
* The effects of alcohol intoxication are greatly influenced by individual
variations among users. Some users will be intoxicated at a much lower
BAC than shown above.
**Death can occur at a lower BAC in some individuals.
The generally accepted legal standard for alcohol intoxication in
the United States is 0.08%. However, your driving skills can be
impaired at a level of 0.04% or lower. It is never safe to drink
any amount of alcohol and drive.