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Easy Design Speaker
Models HS15EZ
Speaker Layout
The layout of the speakers should be planned prior
to installation. Desired mounting height, barring
obstructions, is 15 to 20 feet, with the speakers
angled downward toward the listening area and
facing in the same direction.
Layout starts in one corner of the area (see Figure
1).The first speaker in Row 1 should be positioned
a distance equivalent to (A) (see Figure 2) from the
corner based on the noise level of the area. The
next speaker in Row 1 should be a distance equiv-
alent to (B) (see Figure 2) from the first speaker.
Each additional speaker in the row should use this
same spacing.
Row 2 starts a distance equivalent to (C) (see
Figure 2) from Row 1, and, like Row 1, each speak-
er should be a distance apart equivalent to (B).
Row 3 starts a distance equivalent to (C) from
Row 2. Continue this pattern of alternating rows
until the area is appropriately covered.
For areas that include high shelving or corridors,
speakers should be installed so that they project
down the aisles between the shelves or down
through the corridors.
The spacing of the speakers can be adjusted so
that the speakers are evenly spaced in a row.
TE: Each environment is unique.This layout
plan is general in nature and may not be
applicable for every installation.
Figure 1
Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4
Figure 2
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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Part No. 54-5072-01r2 Printed in Korea 0100
50 ft. 100 ft. 60 ft. 1/2 Rotation
High Noise
30 ft. 65 ft. 40 ft. Full Clockwise
A B C Volume Setting
Very High Noise