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50 Spring Street, Ramsey NJ 07446
Tel. 201-934-8500, Fax: 201-934-9832
Speaker Installation
STEP 1 - For easier installation, remove the flange (base)
from the speaker by unscrewing the wing nut while at the
same time pressing inwardly on the wing nut. Place the
flange flush with the mounting surface and mark the loca-
tion of the three holes with either a marker or chisel. It is
important that the three holes be exactly aligned with the
flange, otherwise you might stress the base or make the
connection unsteady. Drill the necessary holes and screw
the flange to the surface (see Figure 3). (Use appropriate
hardware for your specific mounting surface.)
TE: The speaker may also be strap-mounted using
standard 1/2-inch industrial strapping.
STEP 2 - After mounting the flange, reattach the speaker
to the flange and aim the speaker for the desired coverage.
A 45 downward angle is recommended, but this may vary
depending upon speaker layout.
STEP 3 - Remove the plastic cover to make the electrical
connection and set the volume control (see Figure 4).The
suggested amplifier connections are:
Amplifier Outputs Speaker Connections
70V Terminal 1
COM Terminal 2
TE: The speaker will also work perfectly well with these
connections reversed. However, it is important to be
consistent in the wiring of the speakers in the system.
STEP 4 - Adjust the volume control to the desired setting.
See Figure 2 for the suggested initial settings based on the
ambient noise level of the environment. Place the plastic
protective cover back over the exposed area.
TE: The two furthermost clockwise settings
(positions 7 and 8) on the volume control will produce
the same volume.
Figure 3
Figure 4