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The Bogen VRS2 is a wall-mountable, vandal-resistant speaker designed for use with Bogen Multicom and Multi-Graphic commu-
nication systems. It consists of an 8-ohm loudspeaker and 25V transformer (tapped at 1/2 watt) mounted to a heavy-gauge stain-
less steel plate.The call-in switch can be wired to provide either momentary or latching operation.The plate may be mounted to
a 2-1/2" deep Gang Box (4-1/2"W x 6-13/16"H), such as Steel City (H2BD-3/4 &1), with one-way security screws.
Connect the speaker to the sound system using shielded conductors. Refer to the appropriate system installation instructions to
terminate the cable at the system control center.
50 Spring Street,Ramsey, NJ 07446,U.S.A.
Tel.201-934-8500; Fax:201-934-9832;www.bogen.com
VRS2 Schematic Diagram
Part No.54-5924-01R2
Printed in Korea 0109
Specifications subject to changes without notice.