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Variation in flavor can be achieved by adding wine, soft drinks, herbs,
spices, bits of citrus peel, fruit juice, onion or marinades to the water
Brush poultry and naturally lean meats with cooking oil, butter or
margarine before cooking.
Meat should be completely thawed before cooking.
When cooking more than one piece of meat, the cooking time is
determined by the largest single piece being cooked.
The meat bastes itself while cooking in the smoker. No basting or
turning is necessary after the meat is placed on the grill. For added
variety, barbecue sauce or marinade may be applied on meat before
placing on grill.
There is very little difference in temperature and cooking time between
top and bottom grill levels. When cooking different types or cuts of meat
at the same time, place the meat that requires the least cooking time on
the top cooking grill so that it may be easily removed first. If only one
cooking grill is required, use the upper grill level for best results.
During the smoking process, avoid the temptation to lift dome lid to
check food. Lifting the dome lid allows heat to escape, making additional
cooking time necessary.
Always use a meat thermometer to determine the proper degree of
doneness. Many variables (outdoor temperature, the number of times
the dome lid is removed, proximity of food to heat source, etc.) will
affect actual cooking times. When using a meat thermometer, place
probe midway into the thickest part of the meat, making sure that it does
not touch any fat or bone. Allow five minutes for the thermometer to
register temperature properly.
Cooking Tips
1" (2.5 cm)
If using both cooking grills, wear oven mitts to remove food and the top
cooking grill. Move food aside on the lower cooking grill and pour water
into water pan through the lower cooking grill. Pour slowly to avoid
splashing or overfilling.
4. Set the top cooking grill on the upper support brackets and place food
back on the cooking grill.
5. Place the dome lid on smoker body. Plug smoker back into electric
outlet and allow food to continue cooking.
OPTION 2: Adding Water Through the Side Door
1. Unplug the smoker from electric outlet.
2. Stand back and carefully open side door. Use caution since flames can
flare-up when fresh air suddenly comes in contact with fire. Inspect the
water level in pan.
3. If water level is low, add water to water pan. Stand back and carefully
add water using a funnel or a container with a spout. Fill water pan to 1"
below the rim. Pour slowly to avoid splashing or overfilling.
4. Close side door and plug smoker back into electric outlet. Allow food to
continue cooking.
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