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Mode Icon Settings Description
Delete All ALL+Trash
None-press SNAP
to delete all photo
and video files
Select this mode and press SNAP to erase the entire
memory contents (the counter resets to zero).
Use this after downloading your files, to clear the
memory so you can take new photos. If "Delete All"
is selected accidently, simply wait a few seconds and
the camera will return to normal operation.
Format FOr+Trash
None-press SNAP
to format card or
internal memory
If you are using a new SD card, or one previously
used in other devices, we recommend you select
Format and press SNAP before you start taking
photos, to the card is setup with the correct data file
system for this camera. Note that formatting a card
erases its contents-please be sure you have backed up
any previous files first.
Self-Timer Clock OFF or On Photo is taken after a 10 second delay when SNAP
is pressed (in normal still photo mode.) is can be
used to avoid accidently shaking the camera when
the SNAP button is pressed. If the remote shutter
cable is available, it should be used instead of the
self timer when the camera is tripod mounted. e
timer automatically cancels after use.
Using the Operational Modes