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e ImageView will imprint the date and time in the bottom right corner of your photos. To
set the current date and time, after turning on the camera, press and hold both the MODE and
SNAP buttons at the same time, until the display begins to flash. e display now shows the
last two digits of the year. Press the MODE button to move the cursor to the second digit if
necessary. Press the SNAP button to advance the digit to the current year ("07" for 2007, etc).
en press MODE to go to the next number, which is the month. Again, use SNAP to change
this to the current month. Following the month display is: date, hour (24hr format), minute,
and second-continue to set these following the same process using the MODE and then SNAP
buttons. When you have completed all of the date/time settings, the display will stop flashing
and return to normal. Note that you will need to reset the date/time after replacing batteries.
Your ImageView is already set to high resolution and quality right out of the box, and it is
not necessary to use the MODE settings and make any changes to get good results by simply
pressing the SNAP button to take photos. However, as you might want to shoot a video clip,
delete one or more previous photos, or explore other options, we recommend you review the
available mode options listed on the following pages. Briefly pressing the MODE button will
step through these operational modes in the listed order, and you will see the icon for each
mode along with its current setting on the display. Use the SNAP button to select the desired
setting for any mode. If you make no changes, and the SNAP or MODE button is not pressed
within 5 seconds, the camera will return to normal operation and display.
Using the Operational Modes/Setting Date & Time