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Mode Icon Settings Description
Video Video
OFF, High
(640x480 pixels
per frame, 15 fps),
Low (320x240
Select "Hi" (recommended) or "Lo" video resolution
instead of "OFF" to put the camera in video mode.
Wait a few seconds for the camera to automatically
return to the normal display, then begin shooting by
pressing SNAP. e counter will show elapsed time-
up to the 53 (Hi) or 132 (Lo) second maximum for
each video clip. Press SNAP again to stop shooting.
e counter will advance by one, indicating the
video file has been saved. Return to the video mode
setting and select OFF to reset the camera to still
photo mode.
Quality Hq or Lq High, Low Select "Hi" (recommended) or "Lo" quality to
choose the amount of file compression, which affects
the size of the photo file. "Lo" allows more photos
to be stored in memory, but at reduced quality.
Resolution Hi or Lo High (640x480
pixels), Low
(320x240 pixels)
Select "Hi" (recommended) or "Lo" resolution,
based on your preference for better looking photos
(Hi) or being able to take a greater number of
photos (Lo).
Using the Operational Modes (Bold indicates default settings)