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When using the unit under conditions of total darkness, turn on the IR illuminator (10) by pressing the IR button (2).
When the IR illuminator is on, the red LED indicator (L2) will turn on.
NOTE: The IR light source is invisible to the unaided eye, but can be seen by other people equipped with night vision
devices (be aware of this if using the unit for surveillance or law enforcement applications).
To turn the IR illuminator off, hold the IR button (2) for approximately 3-4 seconds until the red LED indicator (L2)
turns off. (Note that the IR illuminator does not cut off instantly, it will "fade out"). The IR illuminator will also turn off
when the unit's power is turned off by pressing and holding the ON button (1).
The IR illuminator is at the maximum brightness setting when it is first switched on. To decrease the brightness, hold
the IR button (2) until the desired level of illumination is reached, then release the button. To increase the brightness
of the IR illuminator if you turn it down too far, repeat the process by turning the IR on (to restart from the maximum
setting) and again hold the IR button briefly (if necessary) to adjust the brightness to the desired setting.
To increase and decrease LCD screen brightness, press and hold the LCD brightness button (3). To reverse the
direction of the brightness adjustment, release the LCD brightness button (3) and then press and hold the button
until the desired level of brightness achieved to allow comfortable viewing experience.
NOTE: When the unit is turned on again, the LCD screen brightness setting will be at the same level as previously set.
To switch the LCD screen color from green to white or from white to green, quickly press the LCD backlight color
mode button (4).
The green LED (L1) starts flashing when the battery power is less than approximately 15% of full capacity. Replace
both batteries as directed in "Battery Installation".