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Observed image is too bright
The ambient light level is too high (e.g. observation during bright sun conditions).
1. Turn off the unit or place the objective lens cover (7) over the lens. The unit will function normally in light
conditions below 25,000 Lx (day light).
2. Adjust the LCD screen brightness (see "Adjusting the LCD Display Brightness" in this instruction manual).
Image is missing or not focused
1. Re-focus by adjusting the objective lens (6). Adjust the diopter setting if necessary by rotating the eyepiece
(8) until the edges of the LCD display appear sharp (see "Focusing" in this instruction manual).
2. Check the condition of the objective lens (6) surface and eyepiece (8) and clean if necessary.
3. Replace the batteries.
4. In extreme low light conditions, activate the built-in IR illuminator (10).
Image disappears or its quality is reduced
Bright light sources (e. g. street lights at night time) may cause decreased visibility or reduced contrast.
1. Turn the monocular away from the light source; visibility will return momentarily.
2. Readjust the LCD display brightness setting.
Small black dots are visible on the screen
Small dots are normal, minor cosmetic blemishes resulting from the LCD manufacturing process and are not a defect
or quality control error. These dots do not interfere with the reliability and performance of the monocular.