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Magnification: 2.0 X
Objective Size: 24 mm
Vertical Resolution: 36 line/mm
Viewing Range (Ft.)*: 5–400 ft.
Range of Built-In Infrared Illuminator: 100 yards
Field of View: 105 feet at 100 yards
Battery Type: AA (2)
Operating Time: Up to 20 hours
Temperature Range: -22º to 104º F / -30º to 40º Celsius
Eyepiece Adjustment: +/- 5 diopter
Length: 5.9 inches / 151mm
Width: 3.5 inches / 89mm
Height: 2.3 inches / 59mm
Weight: 13.0 oz. / 369g
*Maximum distance at which a human figure can be recognized under ideal viewing conditions; defined as clear conditions
(no fog, dust, etc.) under the light of 1/4 moon.
Class 1 LED product per IEC 60825-1/nov 1993, appendix EN 60825-1A11/oct1996
Your Bushnell Night Vision device was designed to provide many years of reliable service. To ensure that you get the most
enjoyment out of your Night Vision device, always obey the following warning and precautions:
• Do not point this device toward any light source greater than 1 lux such as car headlights, for an extended period of time.
This device utilizes an internal flash protection system, which minimizes potential damage, but long-term exposure to bright
lights can damage the unit. Any such damage may void your warranty.
• This device was designed to be self-contained. Do not open the body of the device or otherwise attempt to service this
• Always store the device in a dry, well-ventilated room.
• Remove the battery if the device is to be stored for longer than 2 months.
• Keep the device away from any heating and air conditioning vents or other heating devices, direct sunlight, and moisture.
• Avoid dropping or otherwise shocking the unit. Although designed for rugged outdoor use, this device incorporates a
sophisticated optical system, which could be damaged in extreme cases of misuse.
• Clean the optical lenses with professional lens cleaning supplies.
• Clean the exterior of the device with a soft clean cloth.