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Mode Camera or
Selects whether still photos or
video clips are captured when the
camera is triggered.
Image Size
(only aects
still photos)
3M Pixel,
5M Pixel,
8M Pixel,
Selects resolution for still photos
from 3 to 8 megapixels. Higher
resolution produces better quality
photos, but creates larger files
that take up more of the SD card
capacity (fills up faster). 5M is a
good compromise between quality
and file size.
Image Format
(only aects
still photos-for-
mat for video
is tied to Video
Full Screen,
Wide Screen
Selects 4:3 (Fullscreen, like old
TV sets) or 16:9 (Widescreen, like
new flat TVs) “aspect ratio” for
still photos. If you like to view your
photos on a TV set or computer
monitor, you can set the format to
match it.
(only aects
still photos)
1 Photo,
2 Photo,
3 Photo
Selects how many photos are
taken in sequence per trigger
in Camera mode. This setting
affects photos taken in Field Scan
mode as well (to snap two photos
every 10 minutes, for example).
Please also refer to the Interval
The SETUP Menu – Parameters and Settings List