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Format Execute
(followed by an
additional No/Yes
Deletes (erases) all files stored
on a card to prepare it for reuse.
Always format a card that has
been previously used in other
devices. Caution! Make sure
you have downloaded and
backed up any files you want
to preserve first! Press OK to
execute (then select Yes and press
OK again on color viewer models),
press MENU (or select NO then
press OK) to exit without formatting.
TV Out
Selects video standard /format
for the “A/V Out” output jack. The
video standard is NTSC for the
United States, Canada, Mexico,
Asia and South America. PAL is
used primarily in Europe.
Time Stamp
Off, On
Select “On” if you want the
date & time (that the photo was
captured) imprinted on every
photo/video, select “Off” for
no imprint. Note: the current
temperature, moon phase, and
(user set) camera name will also
be imprinted on your still photos.
Models 119476/119477 imprint
the barometric pressure as well (in
"Camera" mode only).