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Moisture or Ants Inside Camera
1. To ensure humidity or rain is kept out of the camera, secure the DC In
plug firmly in place.
2. Ants can be attracted by low level electronic vibrations, and enter
through any gaps between the exterior and interior of the camera.
Make sure the DC In plug is securely attached.
Field Scan (Time Lapse) not working properly
1. Make sure that the stop and start times of Field Scan "A" and "B" do
not overlap (for example, do not set the start time of "B" to 8AM if the
stop time of "A" is 10AM).
2. When using Field Scan in video mode, the smallest interval time
available is 5 min, to avoid potential overheating of the batteries and
electronic components, which could cause operational failure or
damage to the camera. In still photo mode, a 1 min. Interval can be set.
Difficulty removing the batteries
1. Before removing the batteries from the Trophy Cam you can simply
remove the battery compartment insert bar by grasping it in the middle
and lifting out. This will give you easier access to the batteries. After
removing them, you can replace the battery compartment insert bar by
inserting one side into the battery compartment wall and flexing the
insert until you can place the second side of the bar into the opposite
wall of the battery compartment. Make sure that the bar is seated
securely. The bar should be inserted with the text/numbers printed on
the insert facing correctly up so that you can read them. Make sure
that the insert bar is inserted correctly inside the battery compartment
before replacing batteries.
Do not mix old and new batteries.
Do not mix battery types-use ALL lithium or ALL alkaline.
Rechargeable batteries are not recommended.