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enabled software to automatically show a map pinpointing each
camera’s location when a group of photos are reviewed on a computer.
Especially useful for those who setup multiple Trophy Cams to monitor
large or widely separated areas.
• Multi Flash Mode (LED Control)- prevents overexposed flash photos in
close range applications
And many more features such as HD Video with Audio, widescreen or
fullscreen format still photos, imprintable camera name (user set) along with
current data including temperature, moon phase and barometric pressure*
(*imprinted barometer data only available on black LED models).
The Trophy Cam can be used as a trail camera for hunting or scouting
game. It is also suitable for surveillance usage.
The Trophy Cam provides the following connections for external devices:
USB port, SD card slot, A/V Out, and external DC power in (pg 7, Fig. 1).
A 3-way power switch is used to select the main operating modes: OFF,
SETUP, and ON (pg 7, Fig. 2).
A control key interface with six keys is primarily used in SETUP mode to
select operational functions and parameters. As shown on the next page,
these keys are: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, OK and MENU. Four of the keys
can also perform a second function (shortcut operations in SETUP mode) in
addition to their main function: The DOWN key can be used to set the camera
to Photo mode (still camera icon), and the UP key can set the camera to
Video mode (movie camera icon). The RIGHT key also serves as the manual
shutter (“SHOT”) button of the camera and the OK key switches the camera
to the Playback (“REPLAY”) mode. These secondary functions are indicated
by icons or text above the key as shown on the next page.