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Fig. 5: Attaching the Belt
THE NatureView CAM
After you’ve set up the camera’s parameters to your personal preferences
at home or in your vehicle, you’re ready to take it outside and slide the
power switch to “ON”. When setting up the NatureView Cam for wildlife
observation or other outdoor applications, you must be sure to mount it in
place correctly and securely. We recommend mounting the NatureView
Cam on a sturdy tree with a diameter of about 6 in. (15cm). To get the
optimal picture quality, the tree should be about 16-17 ft. (5 meters) away
from the place to be monitored, with the camera placed at a height of 5-6.5 ft.
(1.5~2 m). Also, keep in mind that you will get the best results at night when
the subject is within the ideal flash range, no farther than 45’ (14m) and no
closer than 10’ (3m) from the camera.
There are two ways to mount the NatureView Cam: using the provided
adjustable web belt, or the tripod socket.
Using the adjustable web belt: Fig. 5 illustrates using the web belt on
the NatureView Cam. Push one end of the belt through the two brackets
on the back of the NatureView Cam. Thread one plastic buckle part
onto each end of the belt. Fasten the belt securely around the tree trunk
by clicking the buckle ends together after tightening the belt so there is
no slack left.