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When the image size is set to [1920x1080] (Full HD), you can shoot
with an approx. 3x to 10x digital zoom.
Select [1920x1080 9].
Under the [o] tab, set [Movie rec.
size] to [1920x1080 9] by turning
the <6> dial.
Set the digital zoom.
Press the <U> key to select [ ],
then press <0>.
Press the <M> button to exit the
menu and return to movie shooting.
Use digital zoom.
While holding down the <B>
button, press the <u> (zoom in) or
<I> (zoom out) button.
In step 2, you can cancel digital zoom
by selecting [OFF].
3 Using Movie Digital Zoom
Using a tripod is recommended to prevent camera shake.
The image cannot be magnified for focusing.
Even if the AF mode has been set to [Quick mode], it will switch
automatically to [Live mode] during movie shooting. Also, in [Live
mode], the AF point is displayed larger than with other recording sizes.
Since the image is processed digitally when using the digital zoom, the
higher the zoom magnification, the rougher it will look.
If you use digital zoom, noise and light spots may be more visible.
Focusing may be difficult if the AF point covers both a near and far
Still photo shooting is not possible.