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If the subject is on the side of the frame and you use flash, the subject
may turn out to be too bright or dark depending on the background, etc.
This is when you should use FE lock. After setting the proper flash
exposure for the subject, you can recompose (put the subject toward
the side) and shoot. This feature can also be used with a Canon EX-
series Speedlite.
* FE stands for Flash Exposure.
Press the <D> button.
X The built-in flash will rise.
Press the shutter button halfway and
look in the viewfinder to check that
the <D> icon is lit.
Focus the subject.
Press the <A> button. (8)
Aim the spot-metering circle over the
subject, then press the <A> button.
X The flash will fire a preflash and the
required flash output is calculated
and retained in memory.
X In the viewfinder, “FEL” is displayed
for a moment and <d> will light.
Each time you press the <
> button, a
preflash is fired and the required flash output
is calculated and retained in memory.
Take the picture.
Compose the shot and press the
shutter button completely.
X The flash is fired when the picture is
A Locking the Flash ExposureN
Spot metering circle
If the subject is too far away and beyond the effective range of the flash, the
<D> icon will blink. Get closer to the subject and repeat steps 2 to 4.