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Color and Continuous Shooting
Change image color tones as desired, such as converting images to sepia or
black and white.
z Press the m button, choose in the menu,
and choose the desired option (p. 40).
X The option you configured is now displayed.
The camera will retain white balance correction levels even if you
switch to another white balance option in step 1, but correction levels
will be reset if you record custom white balance data.
B: blue; A: amber; M: magenta; G: green
One level of blue/amber correction is equivalent to about 7 mireds on a color
temperature conversion filter. (Mired: Color temperature unit representing color
temperature conversion filter density)
You can customize camera operation so that the B and A adjustment screen
can be accessed simply by turning the z dial (p. 129).
Changing Image Color Tones (My Colors)
Still Images Movies
My Colors Off
Emphasizes contrast and color saturation, making images
Tones down contrast and color saturation for subdued
Sepia Creates sepia tone images.
B/W Creates black and white images.
Positive Film
Combines the effects of Vivid Blue, Vivid Green, and Vivid
Red to produce intense yet natural-looking colors
resembling images on positive film.
Lighter Skin Tone Lightens skin tones.
Darker Skin Tone Darkens skin tones.