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Color and Continuous Shooting
Hold the shutter button all the way down to shoot continuously.
Configure the setting.
z Press the m button, choose in the menu,
and choose the desired option (p. 40).
X The option you configured is now displayed.
X Hold the shutter button all the way down to
shoot continuously.
*In t mode (p. 70), AF lock (p. 114), or manual focus mode (p. 106), is changed to
* For details on the continuous shooting speed in each mode, see “Specifications” in the
Getting Started guide.
Continuous Shooting
Still Images
Mode Description
Continuous shooting, with the focus and exposure determined
when you press the shutter button halfway.
Shooting AF
Continuous shooting and focusing.
[AF Frame] is set to [Center] and cannot be changed.
Shooting LV*
Continuous shooting, with the focus fixed at the position
determined in manual focusing. In t mode, focus is determined
by the first shot.
Cannot be used with the self-timer (p. 52) or [Blink Detection] (p. 64).
Shooting may stop momentarily or continuous shooting may slow
down depending on shooting conditions, camera settings, and the
zoom position.
As more shots are taken, shooting may slow down.
Shooting may slow down if the flash fires.