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Shooting Range and Focusing
The focal length of the lens can be increased by approximately 1.5x or 1.9x.
This can reduce camera shake because the shutter speed is faster than it
would be if you zoomed (including using digital zoom) in to the same zoom
z Press the n button, choose [Digital
Zoom] on the 4 tab, and then choose the
desired option (p. 41).
X The view is enlarged and the zoom factor is
displayed on the screen.
AF frame mode or size cannot be changed while focusing manually
(p. 108). If you want to change the AF frame mode or size, cancel
manual focus mode first.
Focusing is possible when using the digital zoom (p. 51) or digital
tele-converter, or when using a TV as a display (p. 187), but the
magnified display will not appear.
To focus more accurately, try attaching the camera to a tripod to stabilize it.
To hide the magnified display area, press the n button and set [MF-Point
Zoom] on the 4 tab to [Off] (p. 41).
To deactivate automatic focus fine-tuning when the shutter button is pressed
halfway, press the n button and set [Safety MF] on the 4 tab to [Off]
(p. 41).
Digital Tele-Converter
Still Images Movies
Images will look grainy at a resolution (p. 57) of or . In this
case, the zoom factor is shown in blue.
The digital tele-converter cannot be used with digital zoom (p. 51)
and AF-point zoom (p. 63).
The digital tele-converter is only available when the aspect ratio is