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of 242
By displaying multiple images in an index, you can quickly find the images you
are looking for.
Display images in an index.
z Move the zoom lever toward g to display
images in an index. Moving the lever again
will increase the number of images shown.
z To display fewer images, move the zoom
lever toward k. Fewer images are shown
each time you move the lever.
Choose an image.
z Turn the 7 dial to scroll through the images.
z Press the opqr buttons to choose an
X An orange frame is displayed around the
selected image.
z Press the m button to view the selected
image in single-image display.
To find images on a memory card full of images, you can filter image display,
restricting display to images matching a specific filter. You can also protect
(p. 148) or erase (p. 152) sets of filtered images all at once.
Browsing and Filtering Images
Navigating Through Images in an Index
Still Images Movies
Filtering Image Display
Jump to Favorites Displays images tagged as favorites (p. 157).
Jump Shot Date Displays the images shot on a specific date.
Jump to My Category Displays the images of a specific category (p. 158).
Jump to Still/Movie
Displays still images, movies, or movies shot in
mode (p. 81).
Jump 10 Images Jumps by 10 images at a time.
Jump 100 Images Jumps by 100 images at a time.
Still Images Movies