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Browsing and Filtering Images
Choose filter conditions.
z In single-image display, press the d button,
and then press the op buttons to choose a
search filter (jump method).
z When filtering by , , or , press the
qr buttons to choose a filter condition. Turn
the 7 dial to view only those images that
match your filter conditions.
z Press the n button to restore single-
image display.
View the filtered images.
z Press the m button to start browsing filtered
images. The jump method and a yellow frame
are displayed.
z To view images filtered by your chosen
condition, press the qr buttons or turn the 7
z Pressing the d button will display [Filtered
playback settings cleared]. To cancel filtered
playback, press the m button.
Filtering Display by , , , or
Filter Conditions
When the camera has found no corresponding images for some
filters, those filters will not be available.
Options for viewing filtered images (step 2) include “Navigating Through Images
in an Index” (p. 141), “Viewing Slideshows” (p. 146), and “Magnifying Images”
(p. 145). You can protect, erase, or print all filtered images at once by choosing
“All Filtered Images” in “Protecting Images” (p. 148), “Erasing All Images”
(p. 152), or “Adding Images to Print Orders (DPOF)” (p. 208).
If you recategorize images (p. 158) or edit them and save them as new images
(p. 160), a message is displayed and filtered playback ends.