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Browsing and Filtering Images
Grouped images shot in mode (p. 85) are generally displayed together,
but they can also be viewed individually.
Choose an image group.
z Press the qr buttons or turn the 7 dial to
choose an image labeled , and then
press the m button.
View individual images in the
z Pressing the qr buttons or turning the 7 dial
will display only images in the group.
z Pressing the d button will display [Display all
images]. Press m to cancel group playback.
Viewing Individual Images in a Group
Still Images
During group playback (step 2), you can browse through images quickly
(“Navigating Through Images in an Index” (p. 141)) and magnify them
(“Magnifying Images” (p. 145)). You can protect, erase, or print all images in a
group at once by choosing “All Images in Group” in “Protecting Images” (p. 148),
“Erasing All Images” (p. 152), or “Adding Images to Print Orders (DPOF)”
(p. 208).
To ungroup images so that you can view them individually, press the n
button, choose [Group Images] on the 1 tab, and then choose [Off] (p. 41).
However, grouped images cannot be ungrouped during individual playback.