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Charge the battery on (or immediately before) the day of
Charged batteries gradually lose their charge, even when
they are not used.
You can easily check the charge state of the battery by
attaching the cover so that o is visible on a charged battery,
and attaching it so that o is not visible on an uncharged
Long-term battery storage
After using up all remaining battery power, remove the battery from the camera.
Store the battery with the cover attached. Storing a partially charged battery over
extended periods (about a year) may shorten its life or affect performance.
Using the battery charger abroad
The charger can be used in areas with 100 – 240 V AC power (50/60 Hz). For
power outlets in a different format, use a commercially available adapter for the
plug. Never use an electrical transformer designed for traveling, which may
damage the battery.
The following camera accessories are sold separately. Note that availability
varies by area, and some accessories may no longer be available.
Battery Pack NB-10L
z Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery Charger CB-2LC
z Charger for Battery Pack NB-10L
AC Adapter Kit ACK-DC80
z For powering the camera using household
power. Recommended when using the
camera over extended periods, or when
connecting the camera to a printer or
computer. Cannot be used to charge the
camera battery.
Tips on Using Included Accessories
Effective Battery and Charger Use
Optional Accessories
Power Supplies