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Printing Images
Specify the printing format, whether to add the date or file number, and other
settings as follows. These settings apply to all images in the print order.
z Press the n button, and then choose
[Print Settings] on the 2 tab. Choose and
configure settings as desired (p. 41).
Configuring Print Settings
Print Type
Standard One image is printed per sheet.
Smaller versions of multiple images are printed per
Both Both standard and index formats are printed.
On Images are printed with the shooting date.
File No.
On Images are printed with the file number.
Clear DPOF
All image print order settings are cleared after
Not all of your DPOF settings may be applied in printing by the printer
or photo development service, in some cases.
may be displayed on the camera to warn you that the memory
card has print settings that were configured on another camera.
Changing the print settings using this camera may overwrite all
previous settings.
Setting [Date] to [On] may cause some printers to print the date twice.
Specifying [Index] will prevent you from choosing [On] for both [Date] and [File
No.] at the same time.
The date is printed in a format matching setting details in [Date/Time] on the 3
tab, accessible by pressing the n button (p. 18).
Index printing is not available on some Canon PictBridge-compatible printers
(sold separately).