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Shooting in Smart Auto Mode
Resize the subject and
recompose the shot as needed.
z To resize the subject, do the same thing as in
step 3 on p. 44.
However, note that the sound of camera
operations will be recorded.
z When you recompose shots, the focus,
brightness, and colors will be automatically
Finish shooting.
z Press the movie button again to stop
shooting. The camera beeps twice as
recording stops.
z Recording will stop automatically when the
memory card becomes full.
Still Images/Movies
To activate the screen when the camera is on but the screen is blank,
press the p button (p. 39).
To restore camera sound if you have accidentally deactivated it (by
holding the p button down while turning the camera on), press the
n button and choose [Mute] on the 3 tab, and then press the
qr buttons to choose [Off].
Still Images
A flashing icon warns that images are more likely to be blurred
by camera shake. In this case, attach the camera to a tripod or take
other measures to keep it still.
If your shots are dark despite the flash firing, move closer to the
subject. For details on the flash range, see “Specifications” in the
Getting Started guide.
The subject may be too close if the camera only beeps once when you
press the shutter button halfway. For details on the focusing range
(shooting range), see “Specifications” in the Getting Started guide.
To reduce red-eye and to assist in focusing, the lamp may be
activated when shooting in low-light conditions.