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Specific Scenes
OTake shots of foliage (Foliage)
z Shoot trees and leaves, such as new growth,
autumn leaves or blossoms, in vivid colors.
P Shoot with snowy backgrounds
z Bright, natural-colored shots of people
against snowy backgrounds.
t Shoot fireworks (Fireworks)
z Vivid shots of fireworks.
Still Images Movies
Still Images Movies
Still Images Movies
Because the camera will shoot continuously in mode, hold it
steady while shooting.
In mode, shooting conditions that cause excessive camera shake
or similar issues may prevent the camera from combining images,
and you may not be able to obtain the expected results.
In t mode, mount the camera on a tripod or take other measures to
keep it still and prevent camera shake. In this case, set [IS Mode] to
[Off] (p. 120).
In V, , , and S modes, shots may look grainy because the ISO speed
(p. 95) is increased to suit the shooting conditions.