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You can make a short movie of a day just by shooting still images.
Before each shot, the camera will automatically record a movie clip of the
scene. Each clip recorded that day is combined into a single file.
Choose .
z Follow steps 1 – 2 on p. 68 and choose .
z To shoot a still image, press the shutter
button all the way down.
X Before shooting, the camera will
automatically record a clip about 2 – 4
seconds long.
Special Modes for Other Purposes
Auto Clip Recording (Movie Digest)
Still Images Movies
Clips may not be recorded if you shoot a still image immediately after
turning the camera on, choosing mode, or operating the camera
in other ways.
Battery life is shorter in this mode than in A mode, because clips
are recorded for each shot.
Any sounds from camera operations during movie recording will be
included in the movie.
mode movie quality is and cannot be changed.
Clips are saved as separate movie files in the following cases even if they were
recorded on the same day in mode.
- If the movie file size reaches about 4 GB or the total recording time reaches
approx. 1 hour
- If a movie is protected (p. 148)
- If a movie has been edited (p. 165)
- When the daylight saving time (p. 19) or time zone settings have been
changed (p. 175)
- If a new folder is created (p. 173)
- If the copyright information is changed or deleted (p. 177)
Some camera sounds will be muted. Sounds are not played when you press the
shutter button halfway, use camera controls, or trigger the self-timer (p. 169).
Movies created in mode can be viewed by date (p. 143).