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Function Calculations
This section explains how to use the calculator’s built-in
Certain function calculations may take some time to
display calculation results. Before performing an
operation, be sure to wait until execution of the current
operation is complete. You can interrupt an ongoing
operation by pressing A.
•Pressing t will display a menu of functions that you
can use to select the one you want to input. You can also
use a direct key operation to input the following functions.
Rnd(, sin(, cos(, tan(,
, '(, ^(, e^(, ln(
Rnd(, sin(, cos(, tan(,
e^(, 10^(, ^(, ln(, log(,
All calculations in this section are performed in the
COMP Mode (g).
k Pi (π) and Natural Logarithm Base e
You can input pi (π) or natural logarithm base e into a
calculation. The following shows the required key
operations and the values this calculator uses for pi (
π = 3.14159265358980 (15(π))
e = 2.71828182845904 (S5(e))
k Trigonometric and Inverse
Trigonometric Functions
The angle unit required by trigonometric and inverse
trigonometric functions is one specified as the calculator’s
default angle unit. Before performing a calculation, be
sure to specify the default angle unit you want to use.
See “Configuring Settings” (page E-16) for more