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A Displaying the Setup Screen
There are two different ways to display the setup screen.
•Pressing the s key
• Selecting the “Set:” item on
the menu screen that
appears when you enter
some modes.
The following are the
procedures you need to
perform to access and use the
setup screen using the above
All of the example procedures presented in this manual
use the s key procedure to display the setup screen.
To display the setup screen with the s key
1. Press the s key.
This displays a menu of setup items.
See “Setup Screen Settings” on page E-15 for a
complete list of menu items.
2. Use fc to select the setup item whose setting you
want to change, and then press E.
This displays a screen for configuring the setting of the
setup item you selected.
3. Configure the setting you want.
•You can select a setting by with the cursor and then
press E , or you can input the number that
corresponds to the setting you want to select.
See “Configuring Settings” on page E-16 for
information about configuring each setting.
To display the setup screen by selecting “Set:” on a
mode menu
The following procedure is possible only when there is a
“Set:” item on the menu that initially appears when you
enter a mode. It is not available in all modes.