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1. On the menu that appears when you initially enter a
mode, use fc to select “Set:”, and then press E.
This displays a setup screen of settings that apply to
the current mode only. The content of the setup screen
depends on what mode you are currently in.
2. Use fc to select the setup item whose setting you
want to change. You can also select a setup item by
inputting the applicable number.
See “Setup Screen Settings” below for information
about configuring each setting.
A Setup Screen Settings
Description Page
Screen Item
1 Payment
Payment date (beginning of
term/end of term)
2 Date Mode Number of days in a year E-16
3 dn Odd period interest calculation E-16
4 Periods/Y
Number of payment periods
per year
5 Bond Date
Date or number of coupon
payments specification
6 Date Input Date format E-18
7 PRF/Ratio Profit or profit ratio specification E-18
8 B-Even
Sales quantity or sales amount
9 Digit Sep. 3-digit separator symbol E-19
0 Angle Angle unit E-19
! Fix Number of decimal places E-20
@ Sci Number of significant digits E-20
# Norm
Value range for exponential
$ STAT Statistical display E-21
Contrast adjustment E-22