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# Norm: All modes
This setting specifies the range that determines when
display of values switches to exponential format.
•Changing this setting automatically cancels any previous
settings made for ! Fix and @ Sci.
Norm1: 10
> x, x > 10
Norm2: 10
> x, x > 10
Example: 1 ÷ 200 = 5 × 10
= 0.005 (Norm2)
1. Use fc to select “Norm”,
and then press E.
2. Press 1(Norm1) or 2(Norm2).
$ STAT: Statistics (STAT) Mode, Cash Flow (CASH)
This setting controls whether a frequency (FREQ) column
is included in the STAT Mode DataEditor.
The Cash Flow (CASH) Mode uses the same DataEditor
as the STAT Mode. Turning on display of the frequency
column reduces the maximum number of data items that
can be input for investment appraisal.
1:On Frequency (FREQ) column display on
2:Off Frequency (FREQ) column display off
1. Use fc to select
“STAT”, and then press E.
2. Press 1(1:On) or 2(2:Off) to select the setting you
•You can also use fc to select a setting and then
press E.
This operation clears DataEditor data. Note that data is
cleared even if you select the setting that corresponds to
the current FREQ column display status. Selecting “On”
while FREQ column display is currently turned on, for
example, will clear DataEditor data.