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Normally the input cursor appears as a straight vertical
) or horizontal ( ) flashing line on the display screen.
When there are 10 or fewer bytes of input remaining in
the current expression, the cursor changes shape to
to let you know. If the
cursor appears, terminate the
expression at a convenient point and calculate the result.
k Correcting an Expression
This section explains how to correct an expression as you
are inputting it. The procedure you should use depends
on whether you have insert or overwrite selected as the
input mode.
A About the Insert and Overwrite Input Modes
With the insert mode, the displayed characters shift to the
left to make room when you input a new character. With
the overwrite mode, any new character you input replaces
the character at the current cursor position.
The cursor is a vertical flashing line (
) when the insert
mode is selected. The cursor is a horizontal flashing line
) when the overwrite mode is selected.
The initial default is the insert mode. You can switch
between the insert mode and the overwrite mode by
pressing 1Y(INS).
A Changing the Character or Function You
Just Input
Example: To correct the expression 369 × 13 so it
becomes 369 × 12