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Using Calculator Memory
Memory Name Description
Answer Memory Stores the last calculation result
Independent Calculation results can be added to
Memory or subtracted from independent
memory. The “M” display indicator
indicates data in independent
Variables Six variables named A, B, C, D, X,
and Y can be used for storage of
individual values.
VARS The following are the names of the
financial calculation variables:
n, I,
PV, PMT, FV, P/Y, C/Y, PM1, PM2,
This section uses the COMP Mode (g) to demonstrate
how you can use memory.
k Answer Memory (Ans)
A Answer Memory Overview
Answer Memory contents are updated whenever you
execute a calculation using any one of the following keys:
E, 9, m, 1m(M–), t , or 1t(STO). Answer
Memory can hold up to 15 digits.
Answer Memory contents do not change if an error occurs
during the current calculation.
Answer Memory contents are maintained even if you
press the A key, change the calculation mode, or turn
off the calculator.
•When multiple results are obtained (in polar coordinate
calculations, when “ALL:Solve” is selected in the Simple
Interest Mode, etc.), the result that is displayed at the top
of the screen is the one stored in Answer Memory.