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Financial Calculation
k Simple Interest Mode
• The Simple Interest (SMPL) Mode lets you calculate the
interest amount and/or simple future value (principal and
interest amount).
A Entering the SMPL Mode
•Press S to enter the SMPL Mode.
Value Input Screen
A Setting Values
No. Display Name
Values Used
in Examples
1 Set* Days in Year (Date Mode) 365
2 Dys
Number of Interest Periods
(Number of Days)
3 I Interest Rate (Annual) 5%
4 PV Principal (Present Value) $10,000
* For information about specifying the Date Mode, see the
“Date Mode” item under “Configuring Settings” on page
A Basic SMPL Mode Procedure
Example 1: To calculate the interest amount (SI), and the
simple future value (SFV)
1. Input the values for 1, 2, 3, and 4 from the Setting
Values table above.
• For this example, use
fc to select 1 “Set:”,
and then press E.