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A SMPL Mode Financial Calculation Variables
•Variables Dys, I, and PV are used in the SMPL Mode.
The values of SMPL Mode variables are retained even if
you change to another mode. Note, however, that SMPL
Mode variables are also used by other modes, so
performing an input or calculation operation may change
the values assigned to them.
Though SMPL Mode variables are financial calculation
variables, they are also used by arithmetic and function
operations in the COMP Mode.
A Calculation Formulas
365-day Mode
SI' =
× PV × i
i =
360-day Mode
SI' =
× PV × i
i =
SI = –SI'
SFV = –(PV + SI')
SI : simple interest
Dys : number of interest periods
PV :principal
%:interest rate (annual)
SFV :principal plus interest
k Compound Interest Mode
•The Compound Interest (CMPD) Mode lets you calculate
any one of the following values, by inputting values for
the other four: number of compound periods, interest rate,
principal, payment amount, and future value (principal
and interest, or final payment amount).
A Entering the CMPD Mode
•Press c to enter the CMPD Mode.
Value Input Screen